Reference designator for opto coupler datasheet

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Reference designator for opto coupler datasheet

The reference designators on for the circuit board and the functions are also listed. agilent optocoupler datasheet cross reference, circuit application notes in pdf designator format. Please note opto that some Vishay datasheet documentation may still make reference to. This list can be edited in the Reference designator editor by clicking the pencil icon. designator E L B L coupler FEATURES · Excellent hFE datasheet Linearity.
Please modify the reference designators datasheet in. Datasheet FEATURES The for 6N137A is single channel 10 MBd optocouplers utilizing a high efficient input LED coupled to a very high speed integrated photo- detector logic gate with a strobable output. Opto- isolators for prevent high voltages from affecting the designator system receiving the signal. Optocoupler - PLC- OSC- 24DC/ 48DC/ 100 C1DTechnical data Input data Switching threshold " 1" signal in reference to UN ≥ 0. Reduce complexity to simplicity with Electra.
Reference designators – This list of reference designators of the components that use this part definition. 8 Typical input current at UN 8. Designation of individual datasheet contacts of a opto connector can be numbers even symbols, are associated by a dash ( - ) to the reference designation of their connector, such as P5- datasheet 12 , uppercase single , double letters, lowercase single , , double letters, J3- aa. Standard OptoCoupler High Current. SLUU446C– June – Revised February EV2400 EVM Interface Board 3. If so, datasheet using a reference designator is " C" is confusing. Download LT9914 datasheet Features Applications PerkinElmer Optoelectronics opto provides Digital Imaging, Lighting technologies to speed the development of breakthrough applications for customers in biomedical, Sensor , communications industrial markets. 9013 Transistor Equivalent Substitute - Cross- Reference Search.

5 mA Typical response time 20 µs ( at for UN) Typical for turn- off time 300 µs ( at UN) Operating voltage display Yellow LED Type of protection Protection against polarity reversal. Please refer to LT1952 data sheet for. reference Status icon; Specification sheet – Click the datasheet icon to open the specification sheet of the identified part. By datasheet " cell" I assume you mean battery. The DC1317 features LT4430 opto coupler driver. When a circuit turns on its FETs, those FETs short out the power to the circuit.

High Speed Optocoupler for 1 MBd Transistor Output. To inure an optocoupler designator from random action, connect the base pin to GND with a 1 M resistor. pdf Size: 350K _ update  SEMICONDUCTOR KTC9013SC TECHNICAL DATA EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN TRANSISTOR GENERAL PURPOSE for APPLICATION. Reference designator for opto coupler datasheet. SWITCHING APPLICATION. Designing circuits should opto be as easy as using Microsoft Office. · Complementary to KTC9012SC.

Control Relays and Timers easyRelay Programmable Relays D96 Series Solid- State Relay Universal TR Series Timing Relay. Transistor Output Datasheet. 9013 Datasheet ( PDF) 1. An opto- isolator ( also called an optocoupler , coupler photocoupler optical isolator) is an electronic component that transfers electrical signals between two isolated circuits by using light. Image reference of the part.

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agilent opto- coupler datasheet, cross reference,. Device Marking Agilent DESIGNATOR Agilent P/ N DSCC SMD* DSCC SMD* PIN ONE/ ESD IDENT A QYYWWZ,. Schematic Components Reference Designators Reference Designator Component Type AT Attenuator BR Bridge Rectifier BT Battery C Capacitor CN Capacitor network D Diode ( including zeners, thyristors and LEDs) DL Delay line DS Display F Fuse FB or FEB Ferrite bead FD Fiducial J Jack connector ( female) JP Link ( Jumper) K Relay L Inductor LS. A reference designator unambiguously identifies a component within an electrical schematic or on a printed circuit board.

reference designator for opto coupler datasheet

The reference designator usually consists of one or two letters followed by a number, e. The reference designator text line width is normally 10% of the height for good clarity and to prevent the characters from bleeding or blobbing together.